The #1 Way to Multiply Your 2020 Election Impact


Most of us already know who we’re planning to vote for in November, at least for President. But plans don’t elect people — votes do. And the only votes that count are on ballots that get filled in and returned on time.

The #1 way to impact the 2020 election is to help your like-minded friends and family vote.

Think about it: if you vote plus help three of your friends vote, you’ve QUADRUPLED your impact. My guess is that no amount of news reading or Facebook posting will come anywhere close.

Here’s what to do:

1. Think of a few friends or family members who could use some extra support to vote.

Perhaps you have a young nephew who hasn’t registered to vote, or an elderly neighbor who’s nervous to go to the polls but doesn’t know how to request an absentee ballot.

2. Help them get up to speed with their state’s voting rules.

If they’re not registered to vote, help them register. Show them how to request an absentee ballot so they can vote safely from home. Let them know whether they can vote early. If they must vote in person, identify their polling location.

Get state-specific voting info at

3. If they’re voting from home, remind them to fill in, sign, and mail their ballots as soon as they receive them.

Host a Zoom ballot party and fill in your ballots together.

4. If they must vote in person, accompany them to the polls.

Bring your masks and hand sanitizer and stand in line with them as they prepare to vote. Let them know that if they are in line, they have the right to vote, even after the polls close.

Plans don’t elect people — votes do. And the only votes that count are on ballots that get signed and returned on time.

There are no more sidelines, friends. If you care about the results of the election, do something about it. You are the key to voter turnout. Connect with your people. Help them vote.

Photo credit: Kari Sullivan

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