About Parent of Adults, my Substack newsletter


I’ve assumed several online identities over the years: creator of the now-archived Parent Hacks blog; co-host of the Edit Your Life podcast; book author (PARENT HACKS, MINIMALIST PARENTING and more).

Now, I’m working on my most personal writing project yet.

Parent of Adults is my Substack newsletter and real-time chronicle about how life changes after the kids grow up.

That’s right, they grow up. We’ve been heading toward this all along, right? Of course we have. And it’s wonderful. But it’s also weird. Even the phrases “adult children” and “empty nest” are weird.

There’s so much change as our kids move out of our houses and into adulthood. Everything shifts — our relationships, our direction and purpose, the rhythm of our days, and the invisible stuff unique to each of us.

There’s no map for this massive transition. Whatever expectations I had seem connected to a world very different from the one in which we’re living now.

Turns out my empty nest isn’t so tidy even if my house finally is.

Wherever you are in relation to your empty nest, I invite you to join me on Substack. Subscribe to Parent of Adults so we can compare notes about what it’s like to be parents of young adults — the big, profound stuff, but also the little things no one tells us about.

Because “empty nesting” isn’t just about our kids, or even about parenting.

It’s about us. 🪹🤷🏽‍♀️

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