Request Your Absentee Ballot [Vote+1, Ep. 2]


Take a few minutes this week to get yourself (and your friends) ready to vote by mail.

Voting by mail (also known as voting via absentee ballot) is safe and convenient. But how you go about getting your absentee ballot in hand depends on your state’s voting rules. In some cases, the rules have changed due to the pandemic.

But that’s okay! I’ve got an easy solution for you.


Click the video above, or watch on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Act lists absentee ballot rules and deadlines for every state. Visit to request your absentee ballot and help a friend request theirs. 


Tell your friends what you’re doing. If you post on social media, use #voteplus1 or forward this email to a friend. Invite them to join you.

Remember — when your friends see you taking action, they’re more likely to take action themselves.

As seen in the video

  • Keep Going” tee by Brave New World Designs. 20% of the profits from this tee will go to RaceForward,org, an organization that works to “bring systemic analysis and an innovative approach to complex race issues to help people take effective action toward racial equity.”
  • “In Our America flag” sign by NWGSD. Profits from “In Our America” merchandise are donated to organizations that support the values on the flag.

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