Day 1


Today is my birthday,

My own personal New Year’s Day.

If I squint, I see something up ahead


I feel a breeze at my back.

Pebbles in my shoes

Slow me down.

I hear music, or are those voices,

Floating through open windows.

I walk past doorways.

I care less about where I’m going

Than where my foot falls next.

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  • Nice!!! Happy Birthday, my friend!!! May this coming year be your BEST ever!!!

  • Happy happy birthday wonderful friend. May this next year bring you wonderful surprises, loads of love, great strength and super human energy to get all the work we need to do, done! Next year, on this day, we’ll toast all the wonderful new possibilities we’ve helped create.

  • Gah!!! Reading this was like a mini guided meditation. I was right there with you, as you, feeling everything. What a beautiful way to slow down and take in the world. Thank you for that. And happy birthday!!! Love you, Asha.

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