Episode 1: Conquering Procrastination

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Everyone procrastinates about something at some point. Maybe even, like, 14 times a day. So we’re thrilled to kick off our first episode of Edit Your Life with actionable tips and inspiration for conquering procrastination.

Here’s how to listen:

  1. Via the web (aka streaming). Hit the “play” button on the podcast player embedded below. We’ll include the podcast player in each episode’s show notes,  both here and on Parent Hacks. 
  2. Via an app. For iPhones and iPads, use the purple Podcasts app. For Android devices, use the Stitcher app or Podcast Addict app. In both cases, launch the app, then search for Edit Your Life. Benefit of using an app: once downloaded, you can listen to the show without an Internet connection. 

And here are links to things we mentioned during the podcast:

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