Episode 104: Talking to Kids About Sexual Harassment

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High fives to our episode sponsor AMAZE, a collaboration between three expert organizations in the field of sex education. AMAZE produces engaging sex education videos for 10-14 year olds and just launched Having The Talks, a series of videos and resource materials to help parents get past the awkward and get talking.

Kicked off by the revelation of Harvey Weinstein’s longtime sexual harassment and abuse, women have been speaking out about their own experiences by the thousands (many using the #metoo hashtag in social media). Christine was moved to open up about own childhood sexual harassment experiences…something she hadn’t before discussed publicly. Her Facebook Live broadcast prompted this week’s interview, because we wanted to pivot toward a resource that will help other parents broach this difficult topic with their kids.

In Episode 104 of Edit Your Life, Christine interviews Nora Gelperin, Director of Sexuality Education and Training at Advocates for Youth. She shares down-to-earth advice about how to talk to kids about sexual abuse: what it is, how to recognize it, and how to protect themselves. Christine and Nora also discuss how to advocate for a strong sex ed program at your child’s school, and Nora recommends her favorite sex ed resources.

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