You have no idea how powerful you are


You have no idea who your words or actions are influencing.

What if one of your silent Twitter followers is the next Greta (but doesn’t know it yet), and your words move her to action?

What if you inspire your neighbor, who tells her aunt, who has the ear of a powerful US Senator?

What if you excite your friend, who tells her kid, who makes a video that goes viral?

Point is, YOU HAVE NO IDEA who you’ll inspire when you put your voice into the universe.

So speak up.

To be sure, it could go the other way. You could wake up a person who opposes you. There’s no way to know before you do it. That’s life.

But speaking up — using your voice in service of something greater — is part of living life well.

Rebecca Solnit made this point so clearly in her book, Hope In The Dark. Her words inspired me to write this post.

Speaking of power, your social media choices have more power than you think, especially when it comes to whose voices you choose to amplify. I wrote about it here: Who Are You Amplifying?

Sparkler photo credit: Ian Schneider

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