National Blog Posting Month 2019: FAQ


It’s National Blog Posting Month! From November 1-30, 2019, we’re gonna POST on our blogs, SHARE our posts using #nablopomo2019, and COMMENT on each others’ posts.

That’s it! But if you need more guidance, here’s an FAQ.

What is #NaBloPoMo2019?

NaBloPoMo was created by Eden Kennedy in 2006. Like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), NaBloPoMo started as a fun community challenge to write every day in November, but instead of producing a novel, you post on your blog.

Sounds fun! How do I participate?

  • CHOOSE A BLOGGING GOAL. You might blog every day in November. Or once a week. Or ten posts during the month. Whatever feels right for you!
  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS you’re doing #NaBloPoMo2019. Here’s a sharable graphic: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
  • POST on your blog starting on November 1. About whatever you want!
  • SHARE your posts using #nablopomo2019 so we can find each other.
  • COMMENT on fellow #nablopomo2019-ers posts (because comments are the best)

Why now?

So many reasons. There’s a lot of desire out there to move away from social media and back into our independent spaces. Many of us remember the magic of personal storytelling and the connections we made as blog readers and writers. For some of us, this a purely creative exercise. For others, it’s a motivational boost. Some of us are alarmed by social media’s effect on our attention spans and the health of democracy. Some of us are just tired of having our personal conversations analyzed, monetized and sold back to us by big tech companies.

Bottom line: because it’s fun. And why not? We deserve more fun in our lives.

What should I write about?

  • Your hobbies
  • Your job
  • The best book you read recently
  • Your favorite podcast
  • Your hometown
  • Your favorite recipe
  • Your dog/cat/pet
  • Your favorite kitchen gadget
  • Other bloggers you love
  • Your best friend
  • A travel experience
  • Your childhood
  • That weird thing that happened the other day
  • Your ancestors
  • Your thoughts on the state of the world
  • What you think is important right now
  • Someone doing good things who you think deserves more attention
  • A mini-tutorial on something you made or built
  • Your favorite musician
  • A bit of wisdom you’ve earned
  • Why you love blogs
  • A challenge you’re facing
  • A cause you’re passionate about
  • A question you have
  • A response to a news article you read
  • Your dreams
  • Whatever you usually post on Facebook or Instagram
  • Anything else you want

Is there a code of conduct?

This is a free community project based on trust, good will, and the assumption that you will adhere to ethical blogging standards. Here are some good guidelines: Blog With Integrity and Code of Ethics for Bloggers, Social Media and Content Creators.

Do I have to blog every day in November?

No. Choose whatever frequency works for you.

Can I just post on Instagram instead?

No. The goal of National Blog Posting Month is to revitalize our own independent spaces, free from social media distractions and algorithms.

Can I repost stuff I’ve already written?

Yes! There’s so much good stuff in your archives! I plan to post M-F every week of November, and at least one of my weekly posts is going to be a repost of something I wrote long ago. You can also copy and paste a favorite social media post and expand upon it on your blog.

What if I miss a day or blow my posting goal?

If you miss a day, so what? THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. Just keep posting and sharing. If you don’t feel like writing a post, leave a comment on someone else’s blog!

How do I find other #NaBloPoMo2019 bloggers?

Check the #NaBloPoMo2019 hashtag on your favorite social media platform. That’s how we’ll find each other.

Ack! I missed the November 1 kickoff! Can I still participate?

Yes. Jump in any time in November.

I don’t have a blog. Can I still participate?

Sure! And welcome! Sign up for a free Medium account and blog there. You might decide to move over to a blogging platform like Squarespace or WordPress later on, or you might find that Medium works well for you.

Do I have to quit posting on Facebook during #NaBloPoMo2019?

No. You can Instagram and Facebook and tweet as much as you like. The great thing about #nablopomo2019 is that you will ALSO be blogging, so you can invite your social media friends over to your blog. Let’s give those Facebookers some motivation to click through and leave comments!

I kind of want to do this but public challenges stress me out. What should I do?

I hear you. Honestly, I’m a little nervous myself. If signing on feels like too much of a commitment, how about just spending the month leaving comments and sharing other peoples’ blog posts? Comments are what turn blogs into conversations. You’ll seriously delight people plus help their blogs get the attention they deserve.

Is anyone getting paid to do this?


Let me be clearer: I’m not getting paid to promote #nablopomo2019. This is a free community project, and I have no input into what other participants post. Folks who participate might include sponsored posts as part of their #nablopomo2019 contributions, and they might host advertising or sell stuff on their blogs. But that’s up to them.

What do you mean “blogs are back?” I never stopped blogging!

I bow to you! Seriously — I am in awe of people who’ve kept blogging all these years. This is an effort to encourage more of us back to regular blog writing, for this month at least.

What happens after November?

Whatever you like! If you’re done, no problem. If you decide to keep blogging, wonderful! Who knows? We might end up changing the world.

If you have more questions, leave a comment. I’ll update this FAQ as necessary.

I’m excited! Are you excited?

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

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  • You did a great job summing up NaBloPoMo for people who haven’t heard of it or are trying to get back into blogging!

    My motto: blogs were never dead!

  • Leaving a comment— I love this. 🙂 I’ve avoided FB for the past year and a half, ever since I realized one day that I was putting off my preschooler just to try to convince some idiot that Donald Trump is a racist jackass. Instagram is something I try to minimize— my kids, their school, my town, its farmer’s market. I barely check Twitter. But I love blogs, and I keep up with my blog reader. Hoping to see more than usual this month.

  • Last year I went to do Nablopomo and couldn’t find ANY community behind it, so I am super excited to have found this post of yours! Let’s write some blog posts.

  • Blogs are so grounding, so individual, just like us. I, too, have an uncomfortable relationship with social media, and I struggle to embrace the good while letting go of the bad.

  • I’m one of many — that’s how I found #NanoPoblano, and there are a bunch of folks on the straight #nablopomo tag, too.

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