#NaBloPoMo2019 Highlights: Week 1


#NaBloPoMo2019 Week 1 was full of discoveries.

  • Without notifications telling me someone liked (or even read) a post, the experience of writing and sharing felt relaxed.
  • I forgot about basic blogging tasks like approving moderated comments.
  • It felt natural for me to blog. I expected it to feel weird and awkward, but it felt like coming home.
  • Comments are as AWESOME as ever, both receiving them and leaving them. (Seriously, go leave some comments. You’ll feel amazing. Hmmmm, maybe Friday will become my comment day.)
  • I remembered how much I love tiny glimpses into other peoples’ lives. Unlike social media, which can feel like a deluge, this feels like visiting a bunch of front porches or grownup storytime.
  • There’s another group of November bloggers who have been doing this for years! Nano Poblano: The World’s Least Official November Blog Challenge! So great. Also: sucker for puns.

(I’d love to hear your discoveries, too.)

Here’s a selection of #NaBloPoMo2019 posts I came across this week. THANK YOU to all who have participated. If you’re only finding out about #NaBloPoMo2019 now, join us. Here’s the FAQ.

A note to the writers I’ve mentioned in this post: If I’ve referred to you using incorrect pronouns, I apologize. Please let me know in a comment and I will update this post asap.

November: Dads4Change is three great writers: Carter Gaddis, Charlie Capen, and Whit Honea. Their first #nablopomo2019 entry, by Carter, starts with a bit of melancholy…and hope.

The Way Back Machine – 1971: Sarah Cunningham had the great idea to choose a theme for her #nablopomo2019: old photos. Here, she remembers the year she was born.

My Embarrassing Father: Charlie Capen tells great stories about his father. “If there were a prototype, my father would’ve been the prototypical radio DJ/writer parent. A bohemian and anti-establishment renegade (in San Francisco — really?), he was a professional at both charming and pissing people off, especially his employers.”

Life and Death, Joy and Sorrow, Thankful For It All: Reverend Cindy Lee notes a special day that gives her the chance to observe the comings and goings in her family.

Average Jane Remains on Daylight Savings Time: As Average Jane reminds us: there’s always coffee.

Five Things You May Not Know About Me: Introducing gRegor.

Goodbyes Are Hard: Aaron Yavelberg shares how it felt when a therapy patient was ready to move on.

See you Monday, friends!

Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti on Unsplash

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  • Thank you for sharing my blog. I did NaBloPoMo maybe four years ago, but wanted to be challenged again to write regularly. I am checking out the blogs you have featured.

  • I’m really enjoying your posts, all the way over here in Portland, Oregon!

  • I love the idea that a blog is more like visiting a neighbor on their front porch. I live in the city and that does happen. When I stop to chat with neighbors and friends I meet on sidewalks, parks and stoops…it feels good. Nice. And visiting blogs is the same. I linger, stay awhile, and really pay attention.

    And for anyone else reading this, I promise some good, solid awkward middle school years from the wayback machine. Going big for this month!

  • Thanks for including me! It has been great to read so many different blogs and the comments are awesome. Great idea to set aside time to comment on others.

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