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Episode 164: Back-To-Work Survival Tips

Returning to work after you’ve had a baby is NUTS. It can feel like we’re expected to do all the things for work, baby, and home (often times self isn’t even in the equation) while in a major state of sleep deprivation. In Episode 164 Christine welcomes mom of twins + podcast producer Jessica Alpert (our first ever guest host). Christine and Jessica talk about back-to-work survival tips for day care logistics, outsourcing, self + relationship care, and the financial long game.

How to have a better Mother’s Day this year

I was walking home after dropping my daughter off at school. It was the Monday after Mother’s Day. My Portland neighborhood was outrageously floral (as it usually is this time of year). The air smelled sweet and petals glowed in the blooming trees.

A block past the playground, I ran into a friend heading the same direction, and we fell into step. “How was your Mother’s Day,” I asked, casually.

“I hate Mother’s Day,” she replied.


Episode 162: Socially Conscious Spending with Jane Mosbacher Morris

“Voting with our wallets” sends powerful signals to the marketplace about our values and priorities, and has a real impact on lives around the world. In Episode 162 of the Edit Your Life podcast, Christine interviews Jane Mosbacher Morris, founder of the ethically-sourced shop To The Market and co-author of the new book, Buy The Change You Want To See.

Christine and Jane talk about the paths that led to Jane’s work, simple ways to edit your spending to be socially conscious, how not all factories are equal or evil, and Jane’s favorite small and large brands who are doing business well.

Episode 160: Real-life Meal Planning with Jane Maynard

Meal planning can feel relentless, especially when you’re dealing with multiple dietary preferences or needs. In theory, planning ahead makes sense, but when the rubber hits the road of real life, well, it’s cereal for dinner.

In Episode 160, Christine interviews Jane Maynard, veteran food blogger and creator of This Week for Dinner (the blog and the podcast). Christine and Jane talk about the nitty gritty of meal planning, a tool to make meal planning and grocery shopping easier, dealing with different nutritional needs, the benefits of getting kids in the kitchen, and Jane’s must-have cookbook recommendations.