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Episode 167: Home Hustle Tactics (Pod Swap with The Mom Hour)

As the world has become increasingly digital, so has the opportunity to switch up the way we work, and now many people work from home. In our first-ever podcast swap (with The Mom Hour co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers), Christine co-hosts with Sarah, where they share their top tactical and big picture home hustle tactics.

After you listen to this episode, hop over to The Mom Hour to listen to Meagan and I talk about parenting siblings.

Episode 165: Non-Spa Self Care

Self-care is more than pedicures and herbal tea. It includes the stuff that may not be relaxing (or even pleasant) in the moment but is foundational to your health and well-being, and therefore your happiness. In Episode 165, Christine and I get real about our own self-care track records, and offer gentle encouragement to prioritize the self-care tasks that rarely make it onto the “treat yourself” lists.

Episode 164: Back-To-Work Survival Tips

Returning to work after you’ve had a baby is NUTS. It can feel like we’re expected to do all the things for work, baby, and home (often times self isn’t even in the equation) while in a major state of sleep deprivation. In Episode 164 Christine welcomes mom of twins + podcast producer Jessica Alpert (our first ever guest host). Christine and Jessica talk about back-to-work survival tips for day care logistics, outsourcing, self + relationship care, and the financial long game.