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Episode 153: Finding Peace When Kids Struggle

It’s hard to see your kid struggling. During times of family stress, self-care becomes even more elusive than ever, even though it’s that much more more important.

In Episode 153 of the Edit Your Life podcast, we talk about how to find peace in the midst of family struggles. And though we talk about the importance of caring for yourself, we do NOT utter the tired adage about “putting your own oxygen mask on first.” (When I was going through dark times with my family, that phrase made me want to scream.)

Episode 152: Weird Parenting Wins with Hillary Frank

Let’s face it; becoming a parent is weird. All of a sudden we’re tasked with the biggest responsibility of our lives: growing another human being. The good news? Parenting ingenuity is an endlessly renewable resource! In Episode 152, Asha interviews Hillary Frank, creator of The Longest Shortest Time podcast and author of Weird Parenting Wins: Bathtub Dining, Family Screams, and other Hacks from the Parenting Trenches.

Episode 151: Winter Wellness, Pt. 2

FOOD. It’s one of our favorite topics, and something that’s on our minds as we think about how to support our winter health. In Episode 151 (part 2 of a 2-episode winter wellness series), Christine and Asha share tips for eating simply, healthfully, and deliciously during the winter. They talk about how to keep meals interesting when produce options are slim, ideas for using up what’s in the fridge, and embracing the seasonal flow of your food preferences (including a lean toward comfort food).

Episode 150: Winter Wellness, Pt. 1

Between the chill, the damp, and the dark, winter can feel pretty blah. What better time to shine a light on wellness? In Episode 150 (Part 1 of a 2-episode winter wellness series), Christine and Asha share tips for maintaining (or, perhaps, restarting) your fitness habit during the cold weather months.

Episode 149: Balancing School Achievement Pressure

How do we encourage our kids to work hard while keeping school achievement hype in perspective? How do we balance supporting our kids without micromanaging them? In Episode 149, Asha & Christine share their evolving experiences as parents of high school- and college students, and give parents permission to pause, breathe, and remember that education is much bigger than school.

Episode 148: Decluttering Priorities + Tactics

Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series has kicked off a decluttering frenzy. Which is FANTASTIC…if her method works for you. Asha & Christine find whole-life decluttering to be overwhelming, so they’re focused on smaller decluttering projects that have a big impact. In Episode 148, Asha & Christine share what they’re decluttering right now and how they’re making it happen.