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Episode 51: Sane Sports Parenting

Fall is upon us, and for many families that means fall sports. How as parents do we support our young athletes? How do we encourage them to partake in the best of sports — perseverance, grit, physical fitness — and discourage the sometimes-negative aspects: destructive competitiveness, insecurity, and ego? In Episode 51, Christine and Asha share 8 strategies for sane sports parenting. Click “play” above to listen. If the player isn’t visible, listen directly at […]

Episode 50: Managing Work Travel

Work travel and parenting make for a tough juggle. The challenges of logistics, communication, and re-entry often overwhelm the benefits of not having to make your own bed and the ability to use the bathroom without small visitors. In Episode 50, Christine and Asha respond to a listener letter and share 8 lessons learned from their work travel adventures. Click “play” above to listen. If the player isn’t visible, listen directly at SoundCloud.com, or use […]

Episode 49: At-Home Date Night Ideas

Everyone (including us) talks about the importance of making time for your adult relationships when you have kids. And it is so very important. But what do you do when you don’t have a babysitter? Or the sitter cancels? Or you need to save a few bucks? In Episode 49, Christine and Asha share eight ideas to help you carve out time with your partner at home. Added bonus: these tips apply to all adult […]

Episode 48: Easing Back To School Transitions

Back to school season is tough for many families — not just because of logistics such as adjusting to new routines and re-engaging in the dreaded lunch making, but also because the transition can lead to anxiety that’s unpredictable in nature and duration and is hard for the entire family. In Episode 48 Christine and Asha talk about their personal experiences in this domain and share 8 tips to help ease back to school transitions. […]

Episode 47: Helping Kids Through The Election Season

Anyone who has been on the Internet recently has felt how polarizing the current election is. And the reality is, this election isn’t just about 4 or 8 years; it will have a psychological effect on an entire generation. Yes, there’s the historic nomination of a woman for president and there are many issues and philosophies to consider, but what happens when kids grow up hearing constant messaging around fear, mistrust, and divisiveness versus growing […]

Episode 46: Should We Force Our Kids To Be Tidy?

We’re living in a time where decluttering is considered “an act of moral courage.” But tidying is a far more complicated issue, particularly depending on your personal history and family personalities. In reaction to a New York Times piece on the (seemingly simple!) question of whether we should force kids to be tidy, in Episode 46 Christine and Asha discuss the current decluttering culture, upbringing issues, the downside of decluttering, and how to take different […]