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Episode 45: Letting Go of the Hero Role

It’s common for one person to assume the role of family problem solver, but this means that things can get complicated and stressful when that person is unavailable to problem solve. Inspired by a listener letter, in Episode 45 Christine and Asha discuss the benefits of kids experiencing discomfort and how stepping back and letting go of the hero role can benefit the entire family system. Click “play” above to listen. If the player isn’t […]

Episode 44: Navigating Summer Schedules

Oh, summer. Parents typically are itching for the school year to end, and then not long into summer are struggling with the lack of structure or the overwhelming moving pieces and expenses. In Episode 44, Christine and Asha talk about embracing the imperfection of the summer juggle, and share 10 tips related to family preferences, calendar management and routines, boredom, chores, “brain drain,” and guilt. Click “play” above to listen. If the player isn’t visible, […]

Episode 43: Our Favorite Wellness Apps

Want to improve your health this summer? Your smartphone can help you! There are hundreds of apps that can act as coach, motivators, and trackers — the trick is deciding on which app to use. In Episode 43, Christine and Asha share their favorite wellness apps (all but one are free and almost all are available for iOS and Android!), spanning exercise, diet, mindfulness, and anxiety reduction. Click “play” above to listen. If the player […]

Episode 42: Working Mom Hacks

All moms are working moms, but there’s undoubtedly another level of juggling and chaos when you need to report to an employer. In Episode 42, Christine interviews Genevieve Thiers, founder of Sittercity.com (and Sittercity’s latest venture Chime), mom of twins, and opera singer (for real!). Christine and Genevieve discover some bizarre life parallels before diving into some of Genevieve’s favorite working mom hacks, spanning school events, appointments, commuting, schedules, single parenthood, guilt, judgement at work, […]

Episode 41: Smarter Smartphone Use

The Internet has changed how we learn, shop, and entertain ourselves. But it’s easy to forget that, not so long ago, that meant sitting at a computer. Smartphones turned the Internet and connected technology into a constant companion — and there are definite pros and cons to that constant companion. In Episode 41, Christine and Asha share 10 tips for how to smartly use smartphones to help edit your life, not turn into something that […]

Episode 40: Editing End of School Year Chaos

The school year’s coming to an end, and it feels like a whole new layer of logistical juggling. Final tests and projects, end of the year celebrations, sporting events and tournaments, summer planning, plus all of the emotions that go with transitions…all at a time when what we really want to do is put our feet up and soak up a little sun. In Episode 40, Christine and Asha share 8 tips for editing your […]