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Episode 29: Editing Extracurricular Pressure

Extracurriculars are a tricky thing; they can be awesome for your kids but also totally overwhelming to the family system, especially if signing up comes from a place of comparison, statistically unsound professional dreams, or your own childhood baggage. Episode 29 of Edit Your Life is the first in a two-part series on extracurriculars. In this episode, Christine and Asha discuss the etiology of extracurricular pressure and share 9 tips for editing out the pressure […]

Behind the Parent Hacks Book: Writing the manuscript

You’d think, since I’d been running the Parent Hacks blog for 10+ years that writing Parent Hacks would be a piece of cake.

The thing I didn’t expect was that baking a really good cake is really hard.

Writing Parent Hacks was much bigger challenge than I’d expected, and so holding the finished product in my hands — the result of so many peoples’ efforts — is even sweeter than I expected.

Behind the Parent Hacks Book: The Illustrator

My publisher already had illustrator Craighton Berman on a short list when they were dreaming up how the Parent Hacks book would look. Craighton is a designer and illustrator who combines drawing and design-thinking to yield a distinctive style of illustrated story-telling. He’s also a dad, and he intuitively “got” the Parent Hacks tone and approach. It shows.

Click through to meet Craighton!

Behind the Parent Hacks Book: Meet the Parents

The real stars of Parent Hacks are the parents who shared the hacks featured in the book.

When I started the Parent Hacks blog in 2005, I essentially shouted into the void: DOES ANYONE ELSE KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING? The fact that someone answered — hundreds of people answered — is still unbelievable to me.

Too often parents are portrayed as competitive and myopic, but I take the Parent Hacks community as evidence that most of us know we’re in this together, and want to help each other.

Episode 28: Learning To Compromise Well

Compromise in relationships can be hard — really hard — whether you tend to be in the position of wanting to win all the battles or the position of rolling over. In Episode 28 of Edit Your Life, Christine interviews her therapist husband Jonathan about how to identify what kind of compromiser you are, the importance of being honest and articulating what you want (both to yourself and to your partner), negotiation tactics, and why […]

Episode 27: Modeling Imperfection

The notion of modeling behavior makes many parents feel like they’re in the perfection hot seat; that if they don’t act like paragons of humanity at all times, they’re setting their kids up for future therapy. In Episode 27 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha turn this idea upside down and discuss why embracing and modeling imperfection is a good thing and offer 8 tips for how to model imperfection, handle perfectionist kids, and […]