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Episode 5: The Device Divide

We all know that screen addiction can be a problem for kids (and, well, adults too). But how do you handle things when one kid has a device (and invariably goes face down in it) and the other doesn’t? In Episode 5 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I address how to handle the device divide. And if you haven’t done so yet, listen to our episodes on simplifying back to school, conquering procrastination, why it’s awesome to edit your […]

Episode 4: School Lunch Solutions

Is the school lunch angst creeping up on you? Yeah, we thought so. In this fun and practical episode of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 7 solutions to tame the school lunch beast. Because really and truly, it can be tamed! And if you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend listening to our episodes on simplifying back to school, conquering procrastination, and why it’s awesome to edit your life! We’d love to keep you […]

Episode 3: Why Edit Your Life?

Are you wondering why it’s worth editing your life, or whether doing less = being lazy? Episode 3 of Edit Your Life answers the question Why Edit Your Life? Asha and I address why it can be hard to edit your life, how the journey is different for everyone, and why editing your life is necessary, doable, and totally awesome. We hope you’ll be convinced to hop on journey with us! And take a listen to our […]

Episode 2: Simplifying Back To School

Overwhelmed by back to school season? (Um, perhaps because you just finished booking summer camp plans? Ahem.) Yeah, we thought so! Episode 2 of Edit Your Life focuses on Simplifying Back to School. In this fun and practical episode, Asha and I share 6 key tips to help you stay focused on the necessities and let go of the guilt related to shopping, activities, mealtimes, and the quest for back to school perfection. Here’s how […]

Episode 1: Conquering Procrastination

Everyone procrastinates about something at some point. Maybe even, like, 14 times a day. So we’re thrilled to kick off our first episode of Edit Your Life with actionable tips and inspiration for conquering procrastination. Here’s how to listen: Via the web (aka streaming). Hit the “play” button on the podcast player embedded below. We’ll include the podcast player in each episode’s show notes,  both here and on Parent Hacks.  Via an app. For iPhones […]

Educational osmosis

It should give us comfort to know that we’re not responsible for teaching our children everything they need to move out into the world … the world is taking care of much of that job itself. However, it’s also a good reminder to pay attention to the nature of our family “environment,” especially as school gets underway and formal learning moves into the spotlight.