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Episode 16: Less is More Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week, friends, and if you haven’t yet had a chance to wrap your head around the planning, don’t worry one bit! In Episode 16 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 8 tips for how to de-stress your Thanksgiving, focusing on how to help you simplify the holiday, reduce your to-do list, and be mindful about your choices, so you can enjoy the holiday more. Give a listen — we’d love […]

Episode 15: Dare To Live Better

Do you struggle with fear and self-doubt? Do you want to feel braver and stronger in life? Do you want to edit away the things that hold you back? In Episode 15 of Edit Your Life, I interview Erin Dullea, life coach and founder of 52 Dares. Erin and I talk about bringing consciousness to life choices, how to move towards a fuller (not busier) life, what holds women back, the overthinking muscle, how to bring […]

Episode 14: Weekday Dinner Solutions

Modern day dinners are far from Rockwellian. More typically, they involve a revolving door of family members tired and hungry after a busy day, with parents who likely are lacking in motivation or sheer minutes to do a ton of prep work. Fear not! In Episode 14 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 9 tips for weekday dinner solutions, related to planning (don’t be afraid, this is totally minimalist planning!), efficiency, execution, outsourcing, […]

Episode 13: Raising Readers (Guilt-Free!)

Reading ought to be fun, but can sometimes be a stressful topic for parents. In Episode 13 of Edit Your Life, I interview Amy Mascott, co-author of Raising a Rock-Star Reader, a nonjudgmental book loaded with quick tips for busy parents. Listen in to hear: why you need not correct your kids’ speech, a clever way to teach kids literacy using your phone (what?), how to help reluctant readers, how to balance your own reading time and […]

Episode 12: Taming The E-mail Beast

Ah, e-mail. I still remember the excitement around discovering e-mail in college (and printing out e-mails on the dot matrix printer…what?!). E-mail is so convenient in many ways and yet so overwhelming in others (these two things are most certainly related). In Episode 12 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 10 tips to get a handle on your inbox, become more efficient at managing your e-mail, and free yourself of digital and emotional clutter. […]

Episode 11: De-Stress Your Halloween

Halloween is supposed to be fun and simple but for many families it’s evolved into a source of excess stress and expense. Let’s just take it down several notches, shall we? In Episode 11 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 7 tips — ranging from big picture perspective shifts to tactical strategies around costumes, decor, and dealing with candy — to help you de-stress your Halloween. (Added bonus? You get to hear what Asha […]