I’m an author, podcast co-host, insistent optimist, and parent of two almost-adults. And I’m glad you’re here because the best things in life begin with a good conversation.

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Episode 149: Balancing School Achievement Pressure

How do we encourage our kids to work hard while keeping school achievement hype in perspective? How do we balance supporting our kids without micromanaging them? In Episode 149, Asha & Christine share their evolving experiences as parents of high school- and college students, and give parents permission to pause, breathe, and remember that education is much bigger than school.

Episode 148: Decluttering Priorities + Tactics

Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series has kicked off a decluttering frenzy. Which is FANTASTIC…if her method works for you. Asha & Christine find whole-life decluttering to be overwhelming, so they’re focused on smaller decluttering projects that have a big impact. In Episode 148, Asha & Christine share what they’re decluttering right now and how they’re making it happen.

Episode 147: 2019 Plans + A Big Announcement!

After a profoundly restful three-week break, we’re back and full of ideas + we have a BIG announcement. In Episode 147 of the Edit Your Life podcast, Christine and Asha recap their holiday breaks and share some unexpected discoveries that came with time away. They also share the results of their 2018 Listener Survey (which will help inform their 2019 podcast plans). Finally, they announce a big new interactive project for 2019.

Episode 146: Favorite Episodes of 2018

We’re suckers for year-end “best of” lists, so as we approach the end of 2018 we wanted to look back on another year of podcasting and highlight a select group of episodes that lodged themselves into our hearts. In Episode 146 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha share their six favorite episodes from 2018, along with why they found them so personally meaningful.

Episode 144: Favorite Ways to Give

Let’s change the storyline around frenzied holiday giving! Shopping for gifts can be a joyful holiday activity in itself, especially when you sidestep the big-box stores and get creative with your gift budget by using it to also support charities, artists, and small businesses. In Episode 144 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha share their 8 favorite ways to give.