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Are minimalist parents lazy parents?

In “What Everyone Can Learn From Lazy French Mothers,” Pamela Druckerman examines Parisian mothers’ attitudes toward the “hassle” of extracurricular activities. The women she spoke to had no intention of clogging family life with endless driving and events at the cost of homework, free time and even boredom.

At first this attitude caused her to bristle. But time and research changed things.

Pamela writes: Were these French moms selfishly preserving their own leisure time at the cost of their kids’ development? Several years, and a whole lot of research (and Parisian parenting) later, I feel I can safely say: probably not.

What will you limit to make room for something awesome?

In her Blissdom conference talk called  Do Less as a Life Strategy, my co-author and Wonder Twin Christine Koh said something that hit me right between the eyes:

When you get rid of the things you don’t love, there’s more room for the things you do.

A hush fell over the room as the statement hung in the air — followed by a collective WHOOSH of recognition. Heads nodded wildly as 150 people took in this essential truth.