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What will you limit to make room for something awesome?

In her Blissdom conference talk called  Do Less as a Life Strategy, my co-author and Wonder Twin Christine Koh said something that hit me right between the eyes:

When you get rid of the things you don’t love, there’s more room for the things you do.

A hush fell over the room as the statement hung in the air — followed by a collective WHOOSH of recognition. Heads nodded wildly as 150 people took in this essential truth.

The freedom of constraint

I can’t think inside my house. Am I alone in this? Does anyone else feel their cognitive ability leak out of their ears the moment they cross the threshold? When I walk through the door I’m immediately assaulted by a rush of unrelated details clamoring for my attention. DISHES! CRAP TO TAKE TO GOODWILL! MAIL TO OPEN! DINNER TO BE COOKED! It’s like my house is surrounded by a brain-disruption field. I want to turn around and run away. […]