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The #1 Way to Multiply Your 2020 Election Impact

The #1 most effective way to impact the 2020 election is to connect with people who already know & trust you and help them vote.

Think about it: if you vote plus help three of your friends vote, you’ve QUADRUPLED your impact. My guess is that no amount of news reading or Facebook posting will come anywhere close.

Most of us already know who we’re planning to vote for, at least for President. But plans don’t elect people — votes do. And the only votes that count are on ballots that get filled in and returned on time.

This is where you come in.

How to vote by mail in 2020: request an absentee ballot with TurboVote

How to vote by mail in 2020

Let’s talk about voting! Are you as ready to vote as I am? I mean, if I could vote today, I would, but, alas, I have to twiddle my thumbs till Election Day on November 3. Sigh. So, till then, I’m going to do everything I can to help YOU vote. Today, let’s talk about how to vote by mail.