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I’m starting something new: a newsletter called Parent of Adults, about life after the kids grow up.

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When my kids left for college, I figured there’d be some temporary “empty nest” bumpiness followed by the gradual settling into a new normal. But there is no normal in today’s murky world, is there? At least, not that I can see right now.

In this newsletter, I’ll share my observations and occasional moments of clarity from my vantage point as a parent of adults. Practical things, esoteric things, funny things. This isn’t so much about “parenting” as it is about living. I hope this newsletter will be a source of calm and sanity (and some laughs) in an unfamiliar, uncertain world. Here’s the Parent of Adults About page if you’d like to know more.

I’ll say more soon (it’s still coming together). For now, I’m just excited to share the news with you. I hope you’ll join me. All parents and non-parents are welcome.

Photo by Christian Papaux

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