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When my kids left for college, I figured there’d be some temporary “empty nest” bumpiness followed by the gradual settling into a new normal. But there is no normal in today’s murky world, is there? At least, not that I can see right now.

In my newsletter, Parent of Adults, I share observations and occasional moments of clarity from my vantage point as a parent of adults. This isn’t so much about “parenting” as it is about living.

My hope is that Parent of Adults will be a source of calm and sanity (and some laughs) in an unfamiliar, uncertain world.

From the first issue:

There’s a reason I titled this newsletter Parent of Adults and not Parenting Adults. Not because we stop parenting once our kids turn eighteen, or because “parenting” is a dirty word. But because, after much flailing and confusion, I realized that what I can best offer you — what I most need myself at this stage — isn’t parenting advice. It’s company. Stories. Conversation.


I call Parent of Adults a newsletter, but it’s more like an ongoing series of conversational jumping-off points. I’ll share thoughts and stories from my life as the parent of adults. If what I write sheds light on your life and you want to say something, you can leave a comment.

In my experience, the comments are where the real gems emerge. The heart of this newsletter will be in what comes out of our conversations. Generous back-and-forth among thoughtful folks tends to generate sturdier, more flexible wisdom because it moves us beyond my particular collection of blind spots. It’s definitely more fun.

Flexible wisdom! More fun! Sounds pretty good in today’s world, doesn’t it?

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