Write Postcards to Voters [Vote+1 Ep. 3]


Handwritten postcards encourage people to vote with a personal, creative twist. 

Join a program that provides the message script + voter addresses, or (and?) freestyle it and write your own postcards to friends and family.

Here’s how.


Click the video above, or watch on YoutubeFacebook, or Instagram.


  • Sign up with Postcards to Voters to write to voters in other states. (They provide the message script and addresses; you provide the postcards and stamps.)
  • Request postcards from Ace the Election and send your own rousing message to your friends. (Supplies are limited so get them while you can.)


Talk about what you’re doing! If you post on social media, use #voteplus1 or forward this email to a friend. Invite them to join you.

The sharing part is important because the more you talk about how good it feels to take action, the more likely your friends are to join you.

As seen in the video

  • Oregon Wildflowers” tee by Portland-based Etta & James Junction. My friend, designer Kimberly Parks, created the design. Kim also designed the Ace the Election postcards I featured in the video. Kim and I have been taking political action together since early 2016. She’s amazing. Her creative agency is Andioma — go say hi.
  • Tasi Designs necklace. As of this writing, 25% of all proceeds are being donated to wildfire relief.

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