Road-tripping with my 83 year-old Mom


I just returned from a two-week, mother-daughter road trip in which I was the daughter! That’s right, my travel partner was my Mom. I drove us from Portland, OR to Los Angeles and back, along the way visiting friends, family, and seeking out the wildflower superbloom currently decorating hillsides and roadsides all over California.

If you follow me on Instagram (especially my Stories), you’ve already seen a few snapshots, but I’m not great at documenting travel in real time. I admire people who can. But I can’t seem to step outside the experience to narrate it without falling into a phone vortex.

Now that I’ve been home a few days, reconnected with Rael, done some laundry, and slept in my own bed, I can look back over the arc of our trip and pick out a few observations and aha! moments.

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