An update on my running habit


I’ve decided to become a runner, which I define as a person who runs. Five minutes, five miles, around the block, every day, once a week, on a track or treadmill or sidewalk, in a race or not, whatever. Running intimidates me enough that if I bog myself down with plans and programs and expectations at the outset, I’ll get discouraged.

So, I walk/ran, then ran/ran every other day for a couple weeks. I was off to a good start, but then I started feeling a twinge in my left heel. It wasn’t pain exactly, more like tightness. The kind that, ignored, could become an injury. Google tells me it’s likely my achilles tendon saying WHOA THERE, LADY. TAKE IT SLOWER, PLEASE.

Anyone who runs any distance, with the intention of creating a habit, is a runner.

Bear in mind: I thought I was taking it slow. And when I say slow, I mean slooooooow. But my body said: not slow enough.

Years-ago inner voice: You’re not a runner and you never will be. You’ve failed. You suck.

Today inner voice: This is a temporary detour. You’ve learned something. Adjust and keep going. You’re good. Hell, you’re a badass for even trying this.

Did you listen to last week’s podcast? In it, Christine and Jon talked about how, in times of stress, it helps to listen to what your body tells you. Think of your body as your ally. (Don’t miss that episode; it’s packed with blow-your-mind wisdom.)

I took a break from running for a couple weeks. I’ve been doing calf stretches and exercises and am foam-rolling my legs. Yesterday I walk/ran (mostly walked) for 15 minutes. Today, strength exercises and more foam-rolling. No pain. Tomorrow, I’ll repeat what I did yesterday. No increase speed or distance for a couple weeks.

Let’s see how it goes. I’m learning.

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  • Congrats friend. I love this approach. It feels so doable. Also you’re gonna have to tell me how/ towhat foam rolling is all about!

  • I will. It’s a technique for helping your muscles relax.

  • I am so glad you’re better and are figuring out what works for you. If you have to take it slow, then that’s what you’ll do…. but yes, I definitely love the foam rolling too!

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