Thank you for helping me honor Saugus High School


This is my niece, Tess, and her three friends, Marissa, Sydney, and Kaila. On November 14, they escaped the Saugus High School shooting and ran to safety together.

I started fundraiser for Everytown for Gun Safety to honor Tess’s high school community. We’re 90% of the way to the final goal of $3400 (four times the original goal).

The outpouring of love and generosity from friends and strangers has been nothing short of remarkable.

A final word from my cousin, Hayley, Tess’s mom:

Thank you so much for all of your incredible donations to Everytown for Gun Safety.

This has been one of most frightening times in our lives. We are going to try to heal and get through this. We are one of the lucky families that gets to hug and kiss our children. The families of Gracie and Dominic were not. And Nathaniel’s mother and sister. What they must be going through?

We have to stop the violence. I’m not saying no one should have guns. Have them. It’s your right. But why would anyone have an issue with background checks? I mean honestly. The only reason I would think a background check would be a problem is if you had something to hide. Explain gun shows to me. No waiting period? No anything?

Gun violence isn’t going to stop on its own. As adults, we have to do better for our children.


Link: Asha’s Birthday Fundraiser for Everytown For Gun Safety (ends 11/22/19)

Update: We surpassed our goal! The final fundraiser total was $3518 — plus a bit more as a few friends donated directly.