A table blessing for Thanksgiving 2019


Thankful for a healthy body and mind.

Thankful for a warm and dry home, and the safety and comfort it provides.

Thankful for the food we eat, and those that grow and harvest it.

Thankful for the water we drink, the source of all life.

Thankful for my precious family and friends, past and present, around the world.

Thankful for two remarkable children and the hopeful future they embody.

Thankful for parents who equipped me with tools and the belief I can use them.

Thankful for ancestors who persevered.

Thankful for the air, ocean and land we share.

Thankful many Americans are revisiting our whitewashed “Pilgrims and Indians” Thanksgiving myth and are learning the truth of indigenous peoples’ history.

Thankful for the kaleidoscope of people, habitats, languages, animals, and lives this planet supports.

Thankful for those who believe change is possible, and participate in bringing it about.

Thankful for another day together.

Photo by NASA