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How to Survive the Chaotic Start to 2021

Everyone wanted a fresh start with 2021. But New Year’s optimism was quickly replaced by fear, uncertainty, and anger in the wake of domestic terrorism at the US Capitol on January 6.

In Episode 220 of the Edit Your Life podcast, Christine and I talk about how to take small, concrete steps to ground yourself and your family during a time that continues to leave us all feeling unmoored and out of control.

Mystery socks

I’ve been pretty quiet on the Internet these last few weeks.  Not gone, just quiet.

It’s hard to talk about grief’s gifts without sounding maudlin, or insensitive to others’ experiences.

Strangely, it was easier for me to find words for grief right after my Dad died in February. Before COVID. Before my kids’ school lives were obliterated. Before Chadwick and Ruth and George. Before the fires. Before the election and its twisted aftermath. Before other losses, too private to talk about here.

I’m sitting in the charred ruins of my plans. I see them for the mirage they were. Not useless, simply mental exercises about a future I don’t control. The smoke is clearing.

Time is exquisite.

Ep. 218: Navigating Holiday Grief & Joy

We’ve landed at the mother of all holiday months; a time that people typically gather in churches, synagogues, homes, or somewhere else. In Episode 218 of the Edit Your Life podcast, Christine and I talk about what we learned from our Thanksgiving experiences, and how to navigate holiday grief and joy, including what we’re embracing and leaning into this holiday season.