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A sabbatical is a period in which one temporarily steps away from one’s job to rest, travel, and do research. The term shares the same root as the word sabbath, and the same goal of renewal.

Traditionally, sabbaticals were features of academic careers: university professors would be granted a paid year off for every seven years spent teaching. But the notion of a sabbatical is available to anyone. It doesn’t have to last a year or involve exotic travel or quitting a job. But it must constitute a rest.

Hopefully, all one needs is a pause by the side of the road. After a few deep inhalations of the world, one can merge back in, replenished. But every so often, it isn’t enough just to pull over. Sometimes one must find (or build) a new road.

Asha’s Farewell

It’s the end of an era. In Episode 253, Christine and I engage in a fun and loving farewell episode as I end my time as co-host, including my reflections about the past six years of podcasting, and farewell messages from some of our wonderful listeners. *Note: Edit Your Life (with Christine!) will return on January 13, 2022 after a few weeks off for winter break.

Holiday Gift Giving

Gift-giving feels different this year, both because of continued COVID holiday disruptions and delivery delays. In Episode 251, Christine and I talk about mindful gift giving, removing the “should” pressures around the holidays, and our favorite gift ideas.

Click through for links to lots of great gift ideas.

My Podcasting Sunset + a Listener Request

If you listened to Edit Your Life Ep. 250, you know I’m wrapping up as co-host at the end of the year.

My dear Christine Koh and I have been co-hosting for over five years, so this is a big change. I love recording with Christine (and I love Christine) as much as ever. But the scale of change in my life has prompted me to make some adjustments of similar scale.