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Hi, I’m Asha. I live in Portland, Oregon with my family. I’ve been a writer for over 20 years. Longer, if you count the stories I scribbled on binder paper as a kid.

My first published work was a poem in Children’s Digest when I was eight years old. I still remember the thrill of seeing my name in those newsprint pages. Thank you, 70s-era Children’s Digest editor, because your choice to run my poem gave me my first opportunity to think of myself as a writer.

Not that I planned to pursue writing as a career. My 80s writing life consisted of devoted journaling and weird enjoyment writing college papers at UC Berkeley. But a few years into my career and marriage, something big happened: the Web. Between jobs in the mid-90s, I wrote a number of how-to books about Web publishing, one of which was Microsoft FrontPage For Dummies. That book went into several editions, making me a professional writer, after all.

In 2005, my oldest kid was in kindergarten and my youngest was a toddler. I struggled as a new parent, and none of the parenting books I found reflected my experience or helped me feel better. I longed for a place where parents could swap tips and talk about what was really going on. So in December 2005, I launched the Parent Hacks blog.

This kicked off my 10+ year journey with the smartest, most generous community of parents on the Internet. These were the people I wished I could have found when I became a parent. Parent Hacks readers and my cohort of fellow bloggers were wise, funny, encouraging, and kind. Parent Hacks transformed my writing career from a solitary job into a vibrant, dynamic conversation.

My book, Parent Hacks, is an illustrated collection of genius shortcuts collected on the blog and contributed by other parents. I wrote it as a way to honor the magic of those ten years. I wanted something I could give back to say thank you and look, we made it together.

In 2013, I joined my dear friend Christine Koh to co-write Minimalist Parenting, which details the “keep it simple” philosophy we’ve both come to in our different ways.

In 2015, Christine and I expanded upon Minimalist Parenting in Edit Your Life, a weekly podcast about simplifying, decluttering and making room for the awesome in your life.

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