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The goal is just to start

I’m calling this month Work Out The Kinks January.

As good as it feels to have a vision for 2020, now begins the daily work of bringing it into focus. This isn’t a straightforward process. I’m rusty, distractible, and lacking skills I need.

Last year, I let some habits I care about (daily writing) fall by the wayside and others (too much phone checking) creep into my daily routine.

Other habits (consistent exercise, organizing household paper, dreaming more than doing) have dogged me for much longer and come with more baggage.

But the hard truth is that if I’m going to realize my vision (it’s pretty damn big), I need to take a deep breath, deal with my hangups, and face my fears.

I need to get started.

It’s daunting. But I’ve got two strategies in my back pocket (Christine and I talk about often on Edit Your Life): baby steps and course correction.

Keep reading to see how I’m putting these strategies into practice.

Word of the Year: My First Surprise of 2020

As an alternative to New Year’s resolutions, a few of my friends chose a word of the year: one word that describes a guiding principle for navigating the next twelve months. Words like LIGHT or ACTION or ELEVATE. I love watching how these big-picture words manifest themselves in peoples’ day-to-day lives.

And me? I like the idea of choosing a word of the year. But how does someone commit to a single word? Who could possibly predict the theme that would feel relevant for twelve whole months? Life is too big to be tethered to one tiny little word! I can do what I want! YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

Hold up. That’s my petulant toddler voice, and it only shows up when I’m avoiding something. But…choosing a word of the year? It’s one little word. What’s the big deal?

The big deal is I’m scared.

Keep reading to find out my Word of the Year.

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