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Understanding Privilege + Centering Empathy

We get it; talking about race and privilege can be difficult. We’re here to help.

In Episode 222 of Edit Your Life, Christine is joined by the incredible Amber Coleman-Mortley, whose “hugs and truth” approach to communication is basically what all of us need. Christine and Amber talk about approaching and understanding privilege and whiteness, framed around the actions of centering empathy, creating space for others, and learning about other cultures.

How to Survive the Chaotic Start to 2021

Everyone wanted a fresh start with 2021. But New Year’s optimism was quickly replaced by fear, uncertainty, and anger in the wake of domestic terrorism at the US Capitol on January 6.

In Episode 220 of the Edit Your Life podcast, Christine and I talk about how to take small, concrete steps to ground yourself and your family during a time that continues to leave us all feeling unmoored and out of control.