I’m an author, podcast co-host, and parent of two almost-adults. My favorite thing is a good conversation, ideally, over coffee (we’ve got great coffee in Portland), but here’s good, too. Come on in.

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The freedom of constraint

I can’t think inside my house. Am I alone in this? Does anyone else feel their cognitive ability leak out of their ears the moment they cross the threshold? When I walk through the door I’m immediately assaulted by a rush of unrelated details clamoring for my attention. DISHES! CRAP TO TAKE TO GOODWILL! MAIL TO OPEN! DINNER TO BE COOKED! It’s like my house is surrounded by a brain-disruption field. I want to turn around and run away. […]

Parenting lessons from Steve Jobs

I found myself watching a video of Steve Jobs’s commencement speech to Stanford University’s graduating class of 2005. I imagine few in his fresh-faced audience heard what I did…wise parenting advice.