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Episode 10: How To Handle Homework

Now that the school year and fall activities are underway, homework is starting to build up. Do you have a homework battlefield on your hands? Are you trying to figure out how to get your kids into a routine? Are you wondering if you should just stay out of the way let your kids figure it out on their own? Or are you wondering whether to be a rebel and just throw homework out the […]

Episode 9: Simplifying Birthday Parties

Birthday parties ought to be fun, but for many parents, kids birthday parties have evolved into expensive, exhausting, and grump-inducing events. (I’m speaking from experience as a recovering grumped out, giant birthday party hostess!) In Episode 9 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 8 tips to help you get past the birthday party “shoulds,” tune into what you and your kids actually enjoy, and keep celebrations focused on the fun, not the stress. […]

Episode 8: Finding Your Fringe Hours

The task of finding time for yourself can seem daunting, particularly when it can be challenging to — well — pee without the company of your children. One of the keys to shifting your perspective and daily experience is to find your fringe hours. In Episode 8 of Edit Your Life, I interview Jessica Turner about how to edit guilt and comparison out of your life, the elusive struggle for balance, why it’s hard to […]

Episode 7: Juggling Social Commitments

Social calendar overwhelm is a common problem for many people, and the problem can grow as you get older and your social circle — and family — expands. In Episode 7 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 7 tips for how to juggle existing social commitments, including why it’s worth making room to explore new relationships, and why it’s perfectly OK to let old relationships drift. It’s super easy to listen — right here through […]

Episode 6: Serendipity Space

If your schedule is jam-packed to the max, there’s no room for unexpected awesome to happen. In Episode 6 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I introduce the concept of surrounding work and play with “serendipity space,” including 5 strategies for creating serendipity space in your life. And if you haven’t done so yet, listen to our episodes on simplifying back to school, conquering procrastination, why it’s awesome to edit your life, school lunch solutions, and how to deal with […]

Episode 5: The Device Divide

We all know that screen addiction can be a problem for kids (and, well, adults too). But how do you handle things when one kid has a device (and invariably goes face down in it) and the other doesn’t? In Episode 5 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I address how to handle the device divide. And if you haven’t done so yet, listen to our episodes on simplifying back to school, conquering procrastination, why it’s awesome to edit your […]