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Episode 23: Prioritizing Your Partner/Spouse

There are so many competing demands on your time — work, the changing needs of your kids, household crap — that it’s easy to give your all to everything else and leave your partner or spouse with the dregs. But they — and you, quite frankly — deserve more. In Episode 23 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha share 9 strategies for prioritizing your partner or spouse, getting you on the road to reconnection […]

Episode 22: Questioning The KonMari Decluttering Method

Marie Kondo’s “Japanese decluttering book” has taken the world by storm. The book details the author’s philosophy about organizing and decluttering, and gives step-by-step instructions for decluttering one’s home. She calls her specific steps the “KonMari Method,” and promises that it will change the lives of those who follow it. Thousands of people say it has, but plenty have voiced skepticism. In Episode 22 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha touch on different aspects […]

Episode 21: Saying Yes to Saying No

Inspired by a Fast Company article offering the perspective that being overextended is a choice, in Episode 21 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha share 9 tips to help you master the fine art of SAYING NO. Because while there are some things in life that are essential, a lot of things truly are optional. It’s your life, your choices — we all have the power to identify the things that are important to […]

Episode 20: Reframing New Year’s Resolutions

There’s something so wonderful about an entirely fresh new year ahead, new starts, new habits, and all that. But there’s also this expectation about New Year’s resolutions and goal-setting. It can be intimidating! In Episode 20 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 9 tips to help you reframe New Year’s resolutions and intention setting so that you can figure out the “right” way to set and reach goals — and by right, we mean […]

Episode 19: The Upside of Electronics

We hear a lot about the dark side of screens and electronics; how they’re contributing to social isolation, childhood obesity, cyberbullying, or just sucking the joy out of family time. And it’s true, managing electronics is tricky. But in Episode 19 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I discuss the upside of electronics. Electronics are increasingly a part of our kids’ lives: school, homework, entertainment, communication, and social lives. Given that they are here to […]

Episode 18: Crap-Free Holidays

The holidays can be wonderful but let’s be honest, there’s also a lot of crap, be it emotional or physical. Gift-giving unfortunately is often fueled by obligation, and the more is better trap can loom large during the holidays. In Episode 18 of Edit Your Life, Asha and I share 9 ideas for how to relax the craziness around gifts — without tamping down generosity — and keep the physical crap to a minimum. It’s […]